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Valentine's Boudoir Experience 2024

Hosted by Dance With KTO & Sugar Lens

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Photography Order Form

Please see below the photography order form and important information for the Valentine's Boudoir Shoot 2024. 


-6 photos have been edited each for you which you can view via the personal link you have each been given. Each photo currently has a branded watermark which will be removed once the next steps are completed. 


-As part of the Valentine's Boudoir Experience 2024 Package, you will receive 3 photos of your choice from the 6 edited in your gallery. This is a special first time offer for our first boudoir experience and package contents will be different for future boudoir experiences.   


**Please can you fill in the form below to let Sophie know which 3 photos you would like as part of your package. Each photo has been numbered in the file name. 

Photography order form 

Photography order form 



If you would like to purchase more photos, we are offering the following......

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VB Shoot_ON CHAIR_Katie.jpg
VB Shoot_KATIE_FRONT 1.jpg
VB Shoot_KNEES 1_Katie.jpg

1 PHOTO - £20 EACH



-  If you would like to purchase more photos, please can you fill in the form below in the purchasing section with the photo(s) that you would like. Each photo has been numbered in the file name. 

-Once we have received your form and the request for more pictures, you will then be sent an invoice via email. 

PAYMENTS - Payments for photographs must be paid by the 23rd March 2024. This is the final closing date to be able to purchase more pictures. 



*3 PACKAGE PHOTOS - Once you have filled in your form, you will be emailed your photographs with the watermarks removed. If you plan to buy more photos, all of them will be sent together.   

*PURCHASED PHOTOS - If you have purchased further photos, you will be sent an invoice. Once payment is received you will be sent your files with the watermarks removed. 

Valentine's Boudoir Shoot Photo Order
3 Package Photographs required:
I want to purchase the following:


Thanks so much! Love Sophie & Katie x

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